bussimulator2016Bus Simulator 2016 is a game which can not only provide you fun and joy but will also help you in learning or improving your bus driving skills. Bus Simulator 2016 provides you options like a free ride, career and multiplayer.

In free ride, you just have to drive the bus freely on the roads, in career mode you to complete the mission of picking and dropping passengers at different bus stops and in multiplayer mode you can be player with other bus drivers.

The interface of Bus Simulator 2016 gives you a real feel of driving a bus. On the screen of the device, you will see a real bus dashboard which will help you in assuming that you are driving a real bus. At the start of the game, you will be assigned to a route, and you have to complete the given route in designated time. While driving the bus, blinking arrows can be seen on the road indicating you the direction of the route and the bus stop.

When you reach the bus stop, park the bus in the given area and open the gates. After picking the passengers, close the gates of the bus and drive to the next destination. You have to keep the passengers satisfied and happy by using your driving skills. Crashes and rash driving will make them sad and will result in you in losing your XP points. In Bus Simulator 2016, different locations will be given to you having different weather conditions. It is more of fun then only driving a bus. A fun loving man will not take this a task rather he will enjoy his journey as an adventure.

Bus Simulator 2016 Game Rules

Bus Simulator 2016 game is solely about how to drive a bus. The game teaches the player that how he can take the passengers to their destinations by keeping them happy and satisfied.

  • game rulesIn a free ride mode, you can drive the bus freely without following any rules and regulations, but if you are playing the career mode then you have to follow some rules.
  • In the career mode, you are assigned with a dedicated route to travel. You have to follow the arrow marks on the road to pick the passengers from the bus stop. After picking up the passengers, drive the bus to the next location.
  • While driving the bus, you have to follow the traffic rules. Like you have to stop the bus at the red traffic light, avoid crashing the bus with the traffic and also from the objects on the road.

Breaking any rule will cost you losing you xp and also make the passengers angry. After picking up the passengers, a stopped clock will start ticking. You have to reach to the next location in the given time frame. The time of the stop clock can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

How to pick up the passengers in Bus Simulator 2016

You can learn the real skills of bus driving in the career mode. When the career mode starts, you will arrow marks on the roads. These marks will lead you to the given bus station.

To pick up the passengers, you just have to park the bus in the red blinking area near the bus stop. After parking the bus in the red blinking spot, an icon of bus doors will appear on the right side of the screen. By clicking on this icon, the doors of the bus will be automatically opened.

All the passengers on the bus stop will come inside the bus. Now again click on the door icon to close the bus doors. After picking up all the passengers now drive your bus to the next stop to pick more passengers or to drop the passengers sitting in the bus.

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While driving the bus, you have to be very careful about the passenger satisfaction level. This can observe by face smiley given at the bottom of the screen. It will change its color as well as the way of looking. Three face styles can be seen on the emoticon. One is happy which will be in yellow color and give a smile; second is neutral which will be in white color with no expressions, and the third one is the angry face which will be in red color giving you an angry expression.

When you pick up the passenger, they will be in the happy mood and remains in that mood while traveling with you. Their mood will be changed to neutral or angry when you will make mistakes like crashing the bus with other vehicles or with the buildings or objects on the road. By violating the red traffic light, they will also become angry. These all activities will also cost you losing some XP.

So, try to avoid doing such mistakes to keep you passengers happy and satisfied. The number of passengers traveling on the bus will be mentioned at the bottom of the screen with the smiley face. While driving the bus, try to avoid hard brakes as it will make the passengers angry and will also cost you in losing XP. The brakes meter is given at the bottom of the screen. Whenever you hit the brake paddle, a needle will start moving from blue to red area.

At the extreme red area, full pressure brakes will be applied causing the passengers to feel a jerk. Try to keep the needle behind the red bars of the brakes meter.

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bussimulator2015Bus simulator 2015 will give you the real experience of driving a bus. Playing the game will help you in polishing your driving skills. Bus simulator 2015 also emphasizes on the traffic rules so that the player should learn how to drive the vehicles on the road too. Different routes and weather conditions will keep your interest developed in the game.

Bus Simulator 2015 Game Play

Bus simulator 2015 will teach you how to drive the bus on small roads, how to overtake the vehicles without hitting them and most importantly how to keep your passengers happy and satisfied while driving the bus. By stopping the bus at the bus stop, you will witness real people entering and exiting the bus.

It is not a complicated bus driving game where you are assigned with difficult missions. The only mission in the game is to pick and drop the passengers at different bus stops. So, if you like bus driving games then bus simulator is the best game which will not only amuse you but also help you in improving your driving skills.

Bus Simulator 2015 Features

To the give the real player experience of driving a bus, bus simulator 2016 has unique and advanced features. Buses are designed in a way that they give a real and look. In the game, you can choose from 20 buses to play with. These buses include prison bus, school bus double-decker bus, articulated bus and much more. To make the game more interesting and joyful, a number of maps is available having different routes. These maps are named as Los Angeles, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Alaska, Romania, German Countryside, New York etc.

Bus Simulator 2015 also gives you an option of changing the weather conditions in the game. You can choose from a variety of weather conditions from which you want to play in. These weather conditions can be from clear, fog, rain or snow. You can choose your weather condition in the free ride mode. In the career mode, the weather conditions will be automatically set.

You can also choose the driving style of your bus. By clicking on the setting icon, you can set your bus options. Like, you can choose the transmission from automatic to manual, manual start option, steering sensitivity and units of speed. Detailed interior of the bus gives you the amazing feeling of driving a real bus.

To make the game more challenging, you can invite your friends and show them your high scores. While playing the game, you can challenge your friends to beat your high scores or the rankings you have gained in the game.

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